Building Better Routines

Building Better Routines

Building Better Routines is an Beginner level study on Business, written by the creator, Mike Vardy. This study is an important foundation for anyone who needs to get better at his/her Business talent. It provides you a thorough grip on Business, Productivity, Business and Productivity.

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Author Mike Vardy
Publish Date 4/6/2020
Skill Beginner
Duration 41m 29s
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 14
Last Update N/A

Routine is an overlooked aspect of success. Better routines are essential to improving your life, your mindset, and your career. In this course, listeners can learn how and why routines work and how to build healthy habits. Join productivity expert Mike Vardy as he explains how to start simple with basic routines and build up to mode-based routines. Plus, learn how to stack habits, create accountability, and troubleshoot why routines aren’t working. With these tips, you can begin building tomorrow’s routines today.

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Building Better Routines : Video Lessons

  • Improve your life with better routines2m 1s
  • Identifying routine tasks3m 19s
  • Filtering routine tasks3m 3s
  • What routines need from you3m 41s
  • Use the "don't break the chain" approach2m 33s
  • Begin tomorrow, tonight2m 34s
  • Stacking your habits3m 19s
  • Creating accountability3m 33s
  • Building mode-based routines3m 51s
  • Troubleshooting your routines4m 19s
  • Tracking your routines4m 11s
  • Future-proofing your routines3m 23s
  • The next steps1m 42s

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