Building Angular and Node Apps with Authentication

Building Angular and Node Apps with Authentication

Building Angular and Node Apps with Authentication is an Intermediate level tutorial on Developer, crafted by the author, Alexander Zanfir. This tutorial is an important step for anyone who needs to sharpen his/her Developer talent. It gives you a strong understanding on Developer, Web, Web Development, Angular, Node.js, Developer, Web, Web Development, Angular and Node.js.

Free Download - Building Angular and Node Apps with Authentication
Author Alexander Zanfir
Publish Date 5/16/2017
Skill Intermediate
Duration 3h 18m
Topic Angular
Video Tutorials 46
Last Update 4/4/2019

Are you already familiar with Angular 2 and Node.js? If so, this course can help you leverage these two popular frameworks to build a full-stack web application—which you can later use as a template for your own web app. Join Alexander Zanfir as he shows how to create and configure an Angular 2 project, display data in Angular 2, get your data from Node.js, and save your data to Node.js. He also covers how to create a form in Angular, set up routes, validate with reactive forms, register users, and more.

Topics include:

  • Setting up the infrastructure
  • Displaying data in Angular 2
  • Refining your layout with Angular Material
  • Getting your data from Node.js
  • Saving data to a list
  • Creating the component
  • Getting your input data
  • Creating reactive forms in Angular
  • Creating a security middleware

Building Angular and Node Apps with Authentication : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 7s
  • What you should know13s
  • Using the exercise files1m 32s
  • Demo application overview1m 10s
  • Architectural overview54s
  • Download and install Node1m 5s
  • Creating and configuring the Angular 2 project4m 32s
  • Creating the component6m 49s
  • Show our data3m 22s
  • Refining your layout with Angular Material9m 21s
  • Set up express3m 10s
  • Create a service2m 42s
  • Updating Angular to get data from your service12m 32s
  • Create a post service3m 39s
  • Save data to a list1m 20s
  • Creating an express router2m 54s
  • Get our input data5m 17s
  • Communicate between multiple components with Output and ViewChild7m 12s
  • Create a data store in our service5m 45s
  • Handle errors with try or catch4m 39s
  • Create a nav bar2m 44s
  • Set up routes4m 10s
  • Add a messages route2m 49s
  • Pass a route parameter3m 40s
  • Retrieve a route parameter1m 17s
  • HTTP get with Observable6m 14s
  • Broadcast an event with a subject3m 1s
  • Observables and the async pipe4m 36s
  • Create a register layout5m 29s
  • Reactive forms with FormBuilder6m 19s
  • Validate with reactive forms7m 21s
  • Validate passwords with a custom validator4m 19s
  • Validate emails with a custom validator2m 9s
  • Create an Angular auth service5m 26s
  • Create a node register service3m 49s
  • Authenticate with JSON web tokens4m 26s
  • Store a token with Angular1m 43s
  • Implement an authentication check8m 6s
  • Log out2m 45s
  • Create an Angular login component4m 56s
  • Create the login services6m 47s
  • Send a token with Angular HTTP requests4m 9s
  • Create a security middleware7m 4s
  • Edit user Info7m 45s
  • Update message posting1m 26s
  • Next steps18s

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