Building and Managing a High-Performing Sales Team

Building and Managing a High-Performing Sales Team

Building and Managing a High-Performing Sales Team is an Intermediate level study on Business, produced by the author, Steve Benson. This study is an important step for an individual who needs to sharpen his/her Business skills. It gives you a strong understanding on Business, Business Skills, Marketing, Business, Business Skills and Marketing.

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Author Steve Benson
Publish Date 2/21/2020
Skill Intermediate
Duration 57m 10s
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 17
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Join instructor Steve Benson as he walks through proven strategies to build and manage an ultra-high performing sales team, starting with hiring the right people. Steve shares the characteristics to look for in a successful salesperson, and then covers the right way to train a new team. Discover how to align sales and marketing departments to ensure everyone is working together toward the same goals, and how to increase productivity when the team is underperforming. Learn about how to monitor team health, and pivot based on different conditions. Plus, explore the importance of team building.

Topics include:

  • Skills that make a great sales representative
  • Smart interviewing processes
  • How to train a sales team
  • Investing in continuous training
  • Increasing team productivity
  • Having clear metrics and goals
  • Team field activity analysis
  • Aligning sales and marketing
  • Leveraging technology
  • Motivating a sales team
  • Conflict management

Building and Managing a High-Performing Sales Team : Video Lessons

  • Why are some people successful?1m 2s
  • Skills that make a great sales rep3m 16s
  • Know what you need to hire smart2m 50s
  • Smart sales interviewing process3m 12s
  • Smart sales rep onboarding3m 34s
  • Know your team's training needs3m 5s
  • Divide your sales process into stages4m 31s
  • Turn your top performers into coaches3m 46s
  • Invest in continuous training3m 45s
  • Is your team underperforming?3m 35s
  • Have clear metrics and goals4m 7s
  • Leverage technology for better performance3m 16s
  • Align sales and marketing3m 1s
  • Give continuous feedback3m 39s
  • Sales rep conflict management3m 1s
  • Motivating your sales team4m 16s
  • The importance of sales rep team building3m 14s

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