Building a Better To-Do List

Building a Better To-Do List

Building a Better To-Do List is an Beginner level tutorial on Business, crafted by the author, Mike Vardy. This tutorial is an essential base for anyone who needs to sharpen his/her Business talent. It gives you a thorough grip on Business, Productivity, Business and Productivity.

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Author Mike Vardy
Publish Date 2/20/2020
Skill Beginner
Duration 50m 13s
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 25
Last Update N/A

The key to enhancing your productivity is to build to-do lists that actually work. In this course, learn a new approach to creating to-do lists, find out how to better prioritize tasks, and discover proven day-to-day workflows to put into practice immediately. Join productivity expert Mike Vardy as he shares the anatomy of a to do, revealing what goes on a list and what doesn’t go on a list. Mike also explains how to gauge your progress and how to create a process that keeps your attention. Plus, explore popular to-do list apps—and learn how to eliminate apps altogether and embrace paper.

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Topics include:

  • What goes on a to-do list—and what doesn’t
  • Adding minimal details
  • Using due dates
  • Gauging your to-do list
  • Types of to-do lists
  • Using paper and digital to-do lists

Building a Better To-Do List : Video Lessons

  • To-do lists should be more doable1m 30s
  • The to-do list must evolve2m 16s
  • Common to-do list mistakes1m 52s
  • What goes on a to-do list2m 8s
  • What doesn't go on a to-do list1m 54s
  • What is a to-do item?1m 59s
  • The value of verbs on to-do lists2m 18s
  • Adding minimum viable details2m 10s
  • Creating an attention path2m 20s
  • Using dates on a to-do list1m 42s
  • Using modes on a to-do list1m 32s
  • The problem with flagging tasks1m 35s
  • The role of a calendar on a to-do list1m 56s
  • Using time as a gauge2m 40s
  • Using energy as a gauge2m 8s
  • Using resources as a gauge2m 11s
  • Recalibrating a to-do list1m 52s
  • Basic to-do lists2m 29s
  • Advanced to-do lists2m 7s
  • To-do list apps2m 14s
  • Why paper works1m 40s
  • Why digital works2m 18s
  • Bridging the analog and digital divide1m 35s
  • How to move from paper to app2m 20s
  • Next steps1m 27s

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