Bridge CC for Photographers

Bridge CC for Photographers

Bridge CC for Photographers is an Beginner level study on Photography, produced by the author, Tim Grey. This study is an essential step for anyone who needs to get better at his/her Photography skills. It gives you a thorough grip on Photo Management, Photography, Bridge, Photo Management, Photography and Bridge.

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Author Tim Grey
Publish Date 6/17/2013
Skill Beginner
Duration 1h 50m
Topic Bridge
Video Tutorials 27
Last Update N/A

This course covers all of the key features in Adobe Bridge in a logical and informative manner, beginning with an overview of the settings and options available in Bridge. Every aspect of managing and organizing digital photos is covered in great detail, helping you take full advantage of all Bridge has to offer.

Topics include:

  • Downloading images
  • Using workspaces
  • Navigating among photos
  • Rotating images
  • Rejecting and deleting photos
  • Using Review mode
  • Batch renaming
  • Working with metadata
  • Sorting, searching, and filtering
  • Presenting photos as a slideshow

Bridge CC for Photographers : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 3s
  • Bridge overview2m 23s
  • Downloading images5m 15s
  • Bridge preferences10m 40s
  • Using workspaces5m 34s
  • View options2m 55s
  • Purging the cache2m 15s
  • Navigating among photos3m 5s
  • Rotating images2m 3s
  • Favorite locations2m 3s
  • Basic image review2m 36s
  • Star ratings4m 24s
  • Color labels3m 24s
  • Rejecting and deleting photos4m 6s
  • Using Review mode3m 12s
  • Batch renaming4m 33s
  • Reviewing and updating metadata5m 37s
  • Using metadata templates5m 3s
  • Adding keywords5m 57s
  • Stacking images3m 23s
  • Using collections6m 12s
  • Sorting images4m 28s
  • Searching and filtering4m 20s
  • Presenting photos as a slideshow4m 10s
  • Quick image optimization3m 4s
  • Processing with Photoshop4m 32s
  • Exporting copies of images4m 9s

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