Azure Microservices with .NET Core for Developers

Azure Microservices with .NET Core for Developers

Azure Microservices with .NET Core for Developers is an Intermediate level course on Business, written by an expert, Rodrigo Díaz Concha. This course is an absolute pillar for an individual who needs to get better at his/her Business talent. It gives you a strong understanding on Business, Developer, Cloud Computing, IT, Azure, Business, Developer, Cloud Computing, IT and Azure.

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Author Rodrigo Díaz Concha
Publish Date 2/13/2020
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 41m
Topic Azure
Video Tutorials 40
Last Update N/A

Cloud native architectures, such as microservices, are becoming the de facto standard in the software industry—and, in today’s developer environment, it’s no longer only architects who need to understand its benefits and challenges. By leveraging this popular architectural pattern, developers and other key application stakeholders can enhance the availability, reliability, and scalability of their software solutions. In this course, instructor Rodrigo Díaz Concha provides an overview of microservices, as well as how to use .NET Core 3.1 to create microservices that can be deployed in Azure. Rodrigo covers key topics such as microservices pros and cons; writing unit tests; microservices containerization with Docker; microservices deployment on top of an orchestrator, such as Azure Service Fabric; and synchronous communication between microservices.

Topics include:

  • A comparison of monolithic and microservice architectures
  • The main communication mechanisms for microservices
  • Designing microservices solutions
  • Synchronous communication between microservices
  • Writing unit tests for your microservices
  • Adding Docker Compose support to a microservices solution
  • Deploying microservices

Azure Microservices with .NET Core for Developers : Video Lessons

  • Making sense of microservices architecture in a .NET Core and Azure ecosystem1m 33s
  • The importance of software architecture4m 9s
  • What is monolithic architecture?2m 17s
  • Service-oriented architecture (SOA) overview2m 6s
  • Introduction to the microservices architecture1m 58s
  • Microservices architecture principles4m 45s
  • Communication between microservices2m 40s
  • Designing a microservices solution1m 31s
  • Creating a .NET Core solution for microservices6m 45s
  • Creating the database context for the products microservice4m 59s
  • Creating the products provider8m 45s
  • Obtaining all the products in the products microservice8m 23s
  • Obtaining a single product in the products microservice4m 25s
  • Challenge: Implementing the customers and orders microservices1m 18s
  • Solution: Implementing the customers and orders microservices5m 59s
  • Preparing and implementing the search service8m 43s
  • Invoking the orders microservice from search9m 59s
  • Invoking the products microservice from search8m 16s
  • Add resiliency to the products microservice with Polly4m 8s
  • Challenge: Synchronous communication to the customers microservice1m 14s
  • Solution: Synchronous communication to the customers microservice2m 47s
  • Microservices unit tests10m 30s
  • Improving unit tests3m 12s
  • Creating an Azure DevOps project3m 32s
  • Configuring the build pipeline3m 57s
  • Release pipelines in Azure DevOps2m 4s
  • Challenge: Implementing a build pipeline for your microservices55s
  • Solution: Implementing a build pipeline for your microservices2m 11s
  • Adding Docker support to a microservices solution4m 43s
  • Debugging and configuring Docker Compose in a microservices solution7m 35s
  • Publishing container images for a microservices solution4m 42s
  • Challenge: Containerizing your microservices1m 14s
  • Solution: Containerizing your microservices1m 46s
  • Provision Azure Service Fabric resource3m 58s
  • Creating a Docker Compose script for Azure Service Fabric3m 52s
  • Installing the certificate and reading the settings from Azure Service Fabric3m 7s
  • Creating the release pipeline3m 46s
  • Challenge: Deploying microservices to Azure Service Fabric1m 8s
  • Solution: Deploying microservices to Azure Service Fabric1m 27s
  • Next steps58s

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