Azure Administration: Implement and Manage Storage

Azure Administration: Implement and Manage Storage

Azure Administration: Implement and Manage Storage is an Intermediate level tutorial on Business, created by an expert, Sharon Bennett. This tutorial is an important base for anyone who needs to excel in his/her Business talent. It provides you a thorough grip on Business, Developer, Cloud Computing, IT, Azure, Business, Developer, Cloud Computing, IT and Azure.

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Author Sharon Bennett
Publish Date 2/6/2019
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 50m
Topic Azure
Video Tutorials 31
Last Update 1/15/2020

Learn how to manage Azure storage, including blob storage and backups. This course is for any administrator who wants to be able to configure and secure cloud-based storage options with Azure, and those who want to prepare for the Microsoft Azure Administrator exam (AZ-103) or the Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies exam (AZ-300). Instructor Sharon Bennet provides hands-on demonstrations that cover creating and configuring storage accounts, importing and exporting data to Azure, configuring Azure file shares, and implementing Azure backups. Plus, learn how to configure an Azure content delivery network (CDN) and restore Azure virtual machines, files, and folders in the event of failure.

Topics include:

  • Creating and configuring a storage account
  • Managing storage access keys
  • Using Azure Storage Explorer
  • Monitoring activity
  • Implementing replication
  • Creating import and export jobs
  • Configuring blob storage
  • Configuring an Azure CDN
  • Creating a file share
  • Creating a file sync service
  • Implementing Azure backups
  • Performing a restore of a VM or files and folders

Azure Administration: Implement and Manage Storage : Video Lessons

  • Implement and manage your Azure storage accounts46s
  • What you should know42s
  • Azure Storage overview2m 52s
  • Create and configure a storage account4m 19s
  • Create and configure a storage account using PowerShell2m 15s
  • Manage storage access keys2m 47s
  • Manage shared access signature4m 59s
  • Install and use Azure Storage Explorer4m 56s
  • Monitor activity logs using Log Analytics7m 30s
  • Implement Azure Storage replication3m 48s
  • Import and export data to and from Azure Storage3m 6s
  • Create an import job from Azure4m 38s
  • Create an export job into Azure2m 19s
  • Azure Blob Storage overview4m 26s
  • Configure and use Azure Blob Storage using the portal2m 43s
  • Configure and use Azure Blob Storage using PowerShell2m 59s
  • Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) overview3m 10s
  • Configure an Azure CDN2m 56s
  • Create an Azure file share using the portal4m 32s
  • Create an Azure file share using PowerShell4m 49s
  • Azure File Sync overview3m 53s
  • Create an Azure File Sync service and sync group3m 54s
  • Troubleshoot Azure File Sync6m 53s
  • Azure virtual machine backup2m 28s
  • Create and configure a Recovery Services Vault3m 29s
  • Create and configure a Recovery Services Vault using PowerShell4m 13s
  • Create an Azure virtual machine backup3m 38s
  • Configure and review backup reports3m 7s
  • Restore an Azure virtual machine3m 30s
  • Perform a restore operation files and folders2m 43s
  • Next steps25s

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