Azure Administration: Business Continuity

Azure Administration: Business Continuity

Azure Administration: Business Continuity is an Intermediate level tutorial on Business, crafted by an expert, Matt Hester. This tutorial is an absolute foundation for an individual who needs to get better at his/her Business talent. It gives you a strong understanding on Business, Developer, Cloud Computing, IT, Azure, Business, Developer, Cloud Computing, IT and Azure.

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Author Matt Hester
Publish Date 2/6/2020
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 16m
Topic Azure
Video Tutorials 30
Last Update N/A

Organizations need to ensure that their data stays safe—even when accidents and disasters strike. In this course, learn how to help your organization overcome unexpected or challenging events by implementing an effective business continuity plan using options in Microsoft Azure. Using practical examples, instructor Matt Hester demonstrates how to implement a business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) strategy, regardless of whether your infrastructure is on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid setup. Matt details how to use Azure Backup Server and Site Recovery to keep data safe and recoverable. Plus, he shows how to configure your systems to remain continuously available during planned or unplanned downtime.

Topics include:

  • Choices for data recovery
  • Creating the Recovery Services vault
  • Backing up and recovering data with Azure Backup Server
  • Key features in Azure Site Recovery
  • Automation features in Azure Site Recovery
  • Configuring Azure Site Recovery plans

Azure Administration: Business Continuity : Video Lessons

  • Welcome58s
  • What you should know1m 3s
  • Cloud platform choices5m 55s
  • What makes Azure unique4m 25s
  • On premises5m 17s
  • Hybrid options4m 59s
  • Cloud options3m 30s
  • Azure Backup choices3m 48s
  • Recovery choices6m 35s
  • Key terms and concepts6m 12s
  • Azure Backup process3m 5s
  • Creating the Recovery Services vault4m 20s
  • Installing the agent6m 21s
  • Configuring the agent4m 30s
  • Azure Backup3m 15s
  • Azure recovery5m 52s
  • Azure VM backup1m 40s
  • What is Azure Backup Server?5m 19s
  • Installation requirements4m 1s
  • Installing Azure Backup Server7m 26s
  • A note about updates1m 12s
  • Configure Azure Backup Server7m 43s
  • Data backup7m 20s
  • Data recovery4m 25s
  • What is Azure Site Recovery (ASR)?6m 11s
  • Understanding automation5m 23s
  • ASR configuration4m 41s
  • Configure recovery plan4m 59s
  • Test failover4m 13s
  • Next steps1m 48s

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