AWS Security Best Practices for Developers

AWS Security Best Practices for Developers

AWS Security Best Practices for Developers is an Advanced level course on Business, created by the creator, Carlos Rivas. This course is a critical step for a person who needs to excel in his/her Business expertise. It provides you a strong understanding on Business, Developer, Cloud Computing, IT, Amazon Web Services, Business, Developer, Cloud Computing, IT and Amazon Web Services.

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Author Carlos Rivas
Publish Date 12/12/2018
Skill Advanced
Duration 1h 4m
Topic Amazon Web Services
Video Tutorials 27
Last Update 2/19/2020

Security matters to everyone, but solid security practices start with the developer of an application. In this developer-centered course, instructor and AWS Certified Solutions Architect Carlos Rivas shows how to build stronger, more secure applications for deployment on Amazon Web Services. Learn core AWS security development principles around Identity and Access Management (IAM), S3 storage, and Key Management Service (KMS), to ensure your users, systems, and data are secure on the cloud. Plus, learn how to use Cognito to establish user identity without maintaining unique login credentials for each application.

Topics include:

  • Identity and Access Management security
  • S3 security policies, encryption, and version control
  • KMS encryption
  • User authentication with Cognito

AWS Security Best Practices for Developers : Video Lessons

  • Securing your application46s
  • What you should know29s
  • Important concepts3m 3s
  • Users and access keys3m 22s
  • Roles and policies3m 29s
  • IAM key points1m 21s
  • IAM roles and policies challenge39s
  • IAM roles and policies solution5m 27s
  • S3 as a static website2m 17s
  • Bucket policies2m 24s
  • S3 bucket encryption1m 34s
  • S3 object versioning and MFA Delete3m 3s
  • S3 key points1m 23s
  • S3 presigned URL challenge45s
  • S3 presigned URL solution2m 26s
  • Key Management Service (KMS) introduction1m 8s
  • Using AWS KMS3m 44s
  • KMS key points1m 13s
  • Key Management Service challenge44s
  • Key Management Service solution4m 28s
  • Cognito concepts2m 8s
  • Workflow2m 58s
  • Cognito demo8m 36s
  • Cognito key points1m 24s
  • Cognito automated login challenge44s
  • Cognito automated login solution3m 9s
  • Next steps2m 9s

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