AWS Quick Tips for Developers

AWS Quick Tips for Developers

AWS Quick Tips for Developers is an Intermediate level study on Business, compiled by an expert, Bear Cahill. This study is an essential pillar for an individual who needs to sharpen his/her Business skills. It gives you a strong understanding on Business, Developer, Cloud Computing, IT, Amazon Web Services, Business, Developer, Cloud Computing, IT and Amazon Web Services.

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Author Bear Cahill
Publish Date 8/20/2019
Skill Intermediate
Duration 24m 55s
Topic Amazon Web Services
Video Tutorials 21
Last Update 3/4/2020

Amazon Web Services (AWS) boasts over 150 services for everything from storage to machine learning. This course provides helpful, condensed tips for working smarter with some of the most essential services in this popular cloud platform. Instructor Bear Cahill shares bite-sized answers to common questions developers have about AWS. Whether you’re trying to monitor AWS billing, set user policies, or host a web app on Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), this course can help by equipping you with insights you can readily apply to keep on task. Each video is self-contained and about one minute long, so you can jump in and get some helpful insights in no time.

AWS Quick Tips for Developers : Video Lessons

  • Amazon Web Services quick tips54s
  • Triggering an AWS Lambda from DynamoDB1m 25s
  • Scheduling a Lambda to run regularly56s
  • Generating an API Gateway for DynamoDB1m 15s
  • Allowing RDS access for multiple servers52s
  • Sending email from an AWS Lambda1m 33s
  • Monitoring AWS billing with alarms1m 13s
  • Setting triggers for S3 bucket events55s
  • Protecting an S3 bucket from deletion1m 13s
  • Saving money with S3 Glacier1m 1s
  • Using CloudTrail for user action audits1m 22s
  • Setting user policies with IAM groups1m 10s
  • Hitting an AWS Lambda via API Gateway1m 9s
  • Creating an SNS event with S31m 30s
  • Easily hosting a web app on S31m 21s
  • Limiting access via IAM boundaries1m 22s
  • Enable MFA for root security47s
  • IAM credential report48s
  • Cognito user pool triggers1m 10s
  • SQS1m 31s
  • CloudFront1m 28s

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