AWS Administration: Security Operations

AWS Administration: Security Operations

AWS Administration: Security Operations is an Intermediate level course on Business, produced by an expert, Mark Wilkins. This course is a critical foundation for a person who needs to get better at his/her Business talent. It provides you a thorough grip on Business, Developer, Cloud Computing, IT, Amazon Web Services, Business, Developer, Cloud Computing, IT and Amazon Web Services.

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Author Mark Wilkins
Publish Date 3/6/2020
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 25m
Topic Amazon Web Services
Video Tutorials 37
Last Update N/A

Is your company making a move to the cloud with AWS? And if so, are you curious about how this change will impact your organization’s ability to secure applications and end users? If so, then this course is for you. Join instructor Mark Wilkins as he details a variety of powerful AWS security features, explaining what the cloud platform has to offer in the areas of infrastructure security, data protection, and detective controls. Mark goes over services like Amazon Inspector, which allows you to automate the inspection and compliance checking of applications hosted on EC2 instances. He also shares what AWS offers to help you keep your data safe, including data encryption options for storage services, CloudHSM, and Amazon Macie, which allows you to use machine learning to analyze security breaches. Plus, discover how to monitor security with CloudTrail, monitor activity with GuardDuty, manage security with Control Tower, and much more.

AWS Administration: Security Operations : Video Lessons

  • Understanding AWS security operations1m 22s
  • What you should know49s
  • AWS Shield: Standard4m 1s
  • AWS Shield: Advanced5m 20s
  • AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF)4m 43s
  • Demo: AWS WAF5m 31s
  • Automate compliance with Amazon Inspector5m 31s
  • Explore Amazon Virtual Private Cloud2m 32s
  • VPC Security groups5m 50s
  • Network ACLs3m 4s
  • Optimize your environment with Trusted Advisor2m 37s
  • Explore VPC endpoints3m 35s
  • Demo: VPC Endpoints3m
  • Data protection in transit and at rest6m 20s
  • Data encryption options for storage services5m 21s
  • S3 Encryption4m 7s
  • Key Management Service4m 48s
  • Explore Cloud HSM4m 41s
  • Analyze breaches with Amazon Macie6m 19s
  • Certificate Manager4m 56s
  • Demo: Amazon Macie2m 57s
  • Understanding visibility and logging5m 41s
  • Monitor security with CloudTrail5m 5s
  • Demo: CloudTrail2m 52s
  • Challenge: Create a Custom Trail1m 1s
  • Solution: Create a Custom Trail2m 30s
  • CloudWatch5m 44s
  • CloudWatch Logs2m 14s
  • CloudWatch Events3m 47s
  • VPC Flow Logs3m 42s
  • Monitor activity with GuardDuty4m 57s
  • Manage security with ControlTower4m 41s
  • Lambda and Lambda functions3m 35s
  • Simple Notification Services3m 54s
  • Explore AWS Config3m 40s
  • Demo: Config2m 58s
  • Beyond AWS security operations1m 18s

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