Articulate: Visual Design Basics

Articulate: Visual Design Basics

Articulate: Visual Design Basics is an Intermediate level study on Business, produced by the author, David Rivers. This study is an important pillar for anyone who needs to get better at his/her Business skills. It provides you a thorough grip on Business, Education + Elearning, Elearning, Articulate Studio, Business, Education + Elearning, Elearning and Articulate Studio.

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Author David Rivers
Publish Date 11/15/2016
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 33m
Topic Articulate Studio
Video Tutorials 37
Last Update N/A

Learn how to design effective slides that enhance the learning experience of your audience with Articulate Storyline 2. In this course, David Rivers explores some design basics for creating Storyline presentations. He explores topics such as the use of color, contrast, and repetition; Gestalt theory; formatting text for readability and accessibility; incorporating media; and creating stories through visual design. Plus, learn the top 5 mistakes to avoid and the top 5 habits to embrace when it comes to visual design.

Topics include:

  • Understanding visual design principles
  • Optimizing readability with typography
  • Laying out your designs
  • Choosing color
  • Using graphics to tell a story
  • Adding visual notes
  • Avoiding design mistakes
  • Embracing good design habits

Articulate: Visual Design Basics : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 11s
  • What you should know before watching this course1m 19s
  • How to use the exercise files40s
  • Understanding the Gestalt theory3m 52s
  • How color works6m 50s
  • Use contrast4m 36s
  • The advantages to repetition11m 15s
  • Use alignment and proximity effectively6m 2s
  • Understanding font differences6m 22s
  • Use standard fonts4m 9s
  • Ensure optimal readability8m 13s
  • Keep text layout consistent3m 52s
  • Understanding online typography etiquette5m 43s
  • Group objects using proximity8m 28s
  • Use white space effectively3m 51s
  • Create a focal point6m 12s
  • Choose a consistent background color5m 43s
  • Select and divide colors using 60-30-10 rule4m 51s
  • Use or create a color scheme5m 42s
  • Use graphics to tell a story3m 55s
  • Use infographics to relay information2m 9s
  • Use charts and graphs to show trends4m 47s
  • Insert a screen capture4m
  • Add visual notes for variety6m 48s
  • Don't forget visual hierarchy3m 23s
  • Keep clutter under control4m 31s
  • Make sure your graphics match3m 42s
  • Don't misuse fonts2m 15s
  • Don't neglect unity2m 10s
  • Choose images wisely3m 18s
  • Consider using silhouettes3m 4s
  • Practice quiet design1m 53s
  • Remember the importance of contrast3m 3s
  • Design, refine, and repeat5m 7s
  • Next steps54s

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