Articulate Storyline Essential Training

Articulate Storyline Essential Training

Articulate Storyline Essential Training is an Beginner level study on Business, crafted by an expert, Daniel Brigham. This study is an absolute base for an individual who needs to get better at his/her Business expertise. It provides you a strong understanding on Business, Higher Education, Instructional Design, Education + Elearning, Elearning, Storyline, Business, Higher Education, Instructional Design, Education + Elearning, Elearning and Storyline.

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Author Daniel Brigham
Publish Date 1/21/2020
Skill Beginner
Duration 2h 5m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 43
Last Update N/A

Explore the basics of creating interactive elearning courses in Articulate Storyline 360. Instructor Daniel Brigham covers the entire process, from concept to delivery, highlighting his five best practices to make elearning presentations better experiences for learners. Topics include installing the software, creating slides, working with asset libraries, building in interactions, and deploying elearning.

Topics include:

  • When is Storyline the best tool?
  • Creating a template
  • Importing a PowerPoint template
  • Setting story size, colors, and fonts
  • Working with text, shapes, images, and other assets
  • Working with Storyline characters
  • Inserting and synching audio
  • Inserting and editing video clips
  • Creating interactivity through buttons, triggers, and layers
  • Creating quizzes
  • Publishing your project

Articulate Storyline Essential Training : Video Lessons

  • Creating elearning with Storyline1m 5s
  • When is Storyline the best tool?1m 9s
  • Elearning best practices1m 25s
  • Getting started59s
  • Storyline views2m 49s
  • Setting story size, colors, and fonts4m 32s
  • Importing a PowerPoint deck1m 57s
  • Inserting a pre-built slide template from content library2m 24s
  • Previewing your work1m 50s
  • Keyboard shortcuts and other efficiencies3m 13s
  • Inserting, formatting, and animating text1m 43s
  • Applying animations & overview of the timeline4m 21s
  • Editing layouts at the master slide level2m 34s
  • Inserting and editing content library assets3m 44s
  • Inserting and formatting shapes2m 47s
  • Inserting and formatting images3m 47s
  • Working with Storyline's characters5m 7s
  • Inserting and synching audio5m 53s
  • Inserting and editing video clips4m 31s
  • Creating layers6m 48s
  • Setting up the triggers2m 52s
  • Creating and linking scenes2m 14s
  • Creating a labeled graphic interaction with markers4m 40s
  • Inserting a scrolling panel4m 9s
  • Building layers for a slider interaction6m 22s
  • Building triggers for a slider interaction4m 23s
  • Quizzing best practices1m 27s
  • Question types available in Storyline1m 55s
  • Creating a multiple choice question4m 9s
  • Set the drag and drop elements4m 27s
  • Create drag and drop interaction2m 49s
  • Edit the feedback master2m 25s
  • Inserting a results slide4m 56s
  • Adjusting slide properties and navigation3m 58s
  • Course player tabs and menu options2m 56s
  • Course player appearance options2m 21s
  • Publishing options1m 30s
  • Publishing to a learning management system (LMS)4m 7s
  • Next steps1m 29s

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