Applied Interaction Design: Card Transitions

Applied Interaction Design: Card Transitions

Applied Interaction Design: Card Transitions is an Advanced level study on Web, compiled by the author, Tom Green. This study is an absolute step for a person who needs to sharpen his/her Web skills. It gives you a strong understanding on Web, Adobe XD, After Effects, Web, Adobe XD and After Effects.

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Author Tom Green
Publish Date 9/5/2019
Skill Advanced
Duration 27m 18s
Topic Adobe XD
Video Tutorials 5
Last Update N/A

Designing elegant and simple screen interactions such as taps and clicks can make the difference between a project that is truly successful and one that is mundane. Join instructor Tom Green as he shows you how to create UX prototypes starting with simple static wireframes in Adobe Illustrator. Tom demonstrates how to import wireframes into Apple Keynote, create a rough animation concept, block out the transition in Adobe XD, export the XD file into After Effects, fine-tune animation characteristics, and ultimately create a QuickTime movie you can share with stakeholders.

Topics include:

  • Creating an interface wireframe
  • Mocking up a transition prototype
  • Experimenting with rough animation concepts
  • Adjusting timing and placement
  • Planning a transition
  • Blocking out placeholders for the card UI
  • Adjusting motion of a card transition
  • Fine-tuning animation
  • Previewing an animated concept
  • Sharing prototypes with others

Applied Interaction Design: Card Transitions : Video Lessons

  • Prototyping interface motion2m
  • Creating the interface wireframe7m 29s
  • Rough animation concepts4m 18s
  • Blocking out the transition6m 32s
  • Fine-tuning the animation6m 59s

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