Aperture: Portrait Retouching

Aperture: Portrait Retouching

Aperture: Portrait Retouching is an Intermediate level tutorial on Photography, written by an expert, Derrick Story. This tutorial is an essential step for a person who needs to sharpen his/her Photography talent. It gives you a strong understanding on Photography, Portraits, Raw Processing, Retouching, Aperture, Photography, Portraits, Raw Processing, Retouching and Aperture.

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Author Derrick Story
Publish Date 8/29/2013
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 55m
Topic Aperture
Video Tutorials 25
Last Update N/A

Portraits require a subtle hand when it comes to retouching, and Aperture’s toolset is just the ticket for performing natural-looking enhancements. Derrick Story shows how to choose your best shots, assess the composition, and start the correction process. Learn how to smooth skin, brighten teeth and eyes, adjust the color of clothing and backgrounds, and add a vignette that draws more focus to your subject. Plus, get creative by converting your portrait to black and white, adding sepia toning, or brushing in effects.

Topics include:

  • Assessing your image
  • Retouching blemishes
  • Enhancing skin texture
  • Adding highlights to the hair
  • Adjusting clothing and backdrop color
  • Brightening and sharpening eyes
  • Converting to black and white

Aperture: Portrait Retouching : Video Lessons

  • Welcome50s
  • Using the exercise files3m 48s
  • Setting up your workspace3m 47s
  • Choosing your best shots3m 21s
  • Making the initial assessment: Really look at your portrait4m 36s
  • Cropping for maximum impact4m 38s
  • Getting skin tones the right color6m 45s
  • Checking overall exposure4m 11s
  • Taming hotspots and shiny areas6m 18s
  • Retouching blemishes6m 33s
  • Evaluating your work: Are basic improvements enough?3m 9s
  • Processing multiple photos at once4m 54s
  • Smoothing skin7m 25s
  • Lightening and darkening specific areas4m 51s
  • Brightening teeth6m 32s
  • Sharpening and brightening the eyes6m 4s
  • Adjusting hair color and highlights7m 52s
  • Adjusting the color and brightness of clothing5m 2s
  • Changing the background2m 41s
  • Vignetting6m 9s
  • Converting to black and white7m 18s
  • Making color monochromes2m 47s
  • Adding sepia toning1m 18s
  • Brushing with effects3m 29s
  • Next steps1m 26s

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