Animating a Landscape with VUE

Animating a Landscape with VUE

Animating a Landscape with VUE is an Intermediate level course on 3D + Animation, created by an expert, Aaron F. Ross. This course is an absolute base for an individual who needs to get better at his/her 3D + Animation skills. It provides you a strong understanding on 3D + Animation, Animation, CAD, Photography, Video, Rendering, Visual Effects, VUE, 3D + Animation, Animation, CAD, Photography, Video, Rendering, Visual Effects and VUE.

Free Download - Animating a Landscape with VUE
Author Aaron F. Ross
Publish Date 6/9/2016
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 3m
Topic 3D + Animation
Video Tutorials 35
Last Update N/A

Rendering a photorealistic animated landscape is possible with VUE, a powerful application for creating computer-generated natural environments needed for visual effects, animation, architectural visualization, and illustration. In this course, Aaron F. Ross demonstrates the VUE workflow for digital nature, including interoperability with other 3D programs, terrain sculpting, populating the scene with plants, daylighting and atmospheres, complex material functions, keyframe animation, and production rendering.

Realistic skies and lighting are achieved with the VUE photometric spectral atmosphere model. This course covers adding animation to plants, water, and clouds with procedural wind effects. Aaron also shows how to create camera movement by employing the Timeline’s intuitive tools, including animation and curve editing. Rendering many animation frames poses challenges not experienced with still image rendering, and so the course concludes with key strategies for optimizing the balance between image quality and rendering time.

Topics include:

  • Laying out the scene
  • Importing and sculpting models
  • Adding water, plants and clouds
  • Directing sunlight and atmosphere
  • Customizing exposure and tone mapping
  • Building procedural materials
  • Working in the Function Graph
  • Automatic and manual keyframing
  • Editing splines in the Animation Graph
  • Adding wind
  • Keyframing the atmosphere
  • Optimizing render settings for animation

Animating a Landscape with VUE : Video Lessons

  • Welcome47s
  • Using the exercise files1m 41s
  • Setting application options1m 56s
  • Choosing display options1m 45s
  • Importing a model1m 33s
  • Framing the camera shot2m 55s
  • Sculpting a terrain6m 30s
  • Adding water2m 13s
  • Scattering plants4m 43s
  • Populating with the EcoSystem Painter4m 55s
  • Directing sunlight3m 39s
  • Editing atmosphere parameters4m 27s
  • Adding a cloud layer5m 23s
  • Editing a cloud function4m 48s
  • Filtering cloud density2m 38s
  • Controlling exposure3m 7s
  • Managing materials3m 38s
  • Editing materials3m 53s
  • Material nodes in the Function Graph5m 26s
  • Adding node outputs with a Combiner4m 10s
  • Creating a gradient color map2m 17s
  • Fine-tuning with a Slope Filter3m 12s
  • Bump mapping4m 5s
  • Displacement mapping3m
  • Compositing mixed materials5m 49s
  • Auto-keyframing in the Timeline5m 38s
  • Manual keyframing2m 27s
  • Function curve editing in the Animation Graph4m 23s
  • Rendering a preview1m 55s
  • Adding wind to plants2m 51s
  • Adding cloud wind3m 25s
  • Keyframing the atmosphere5m 3s
  • Setting Render options5m
  • Rendering animation3m 19s
  • Next steps43s

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