Android Development: Retrofit with Java

Android Development: Retrofit with Java

Android Development: Retrofit with Java is an Intermediate level course on Developer, written by an expert, Jon-Luke West. This course is an essential pillar for a person who needs to get better at his/her Developer skills. It gives you a strong understanding on Developer, Mobile Apps, Android, Developer, Mobile Apps and Android.

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Author Jon-Luke West
Publish Date 4/17/2019
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 59m
Topic Android
Video Tutorials 35
Last Update N/A

Web integration is one of the foundational pillars of a good mobile app. But it doesn’t mean you have to write a lot of code. Square offers a free, open-source library called Retrofit that makes integrating with a web API a breeze. This course explains how to use Retrofit to connect an Android app to the cloud. Instructor Jon-Luke West—an Android product engineer—reviews the basics of web communication with REST APIs and the methods for reading and writing data to the cloud. He shows how to define your data models and write API-related code for a sample project using popular packages like GSON. He also covers the configuration options that are available, such as customizing the data converter and serializing multipart HTTP requests.

Topics include:

  • REST API basics
  • Methods for reading and writing data
  • Defining data models with Retrofit
  • Implementing an API interface
  • Getting data with a Retrofit call
  • Authorizing requests
  • Putting, deleting, and posting data
  • Customizing the data converter
  • Working with the request and response headers

Android Development: Retrofit with Java : Video Lessons

  • Android, the web, and Retrofit48s
  • What you should know21s
  • REST APIs3m 24s
  • HTTP methods1m 57s
  • Methods for reading2m 26s
  • Methods for writing1m 44s
  • Formats, models, and converters2m 32s
  • Review the sample project4m 25s
  • Include required packages3m 27s
  • Define data models7m 33s
  • Implement an API interface3m 3s
  • GET data with a Retrofit call7m 49s
  • Handle failed requests10m 20s
  • Use query parameters7m 44s
  • Manipulate the URL path5m 39s
  • Make a HEAD request9m 31s
  • Include a header6m 17s
  • Authorize every request7m 43s
  • PUT a star on a Gist5m 13s
  • DELETE a star on a Gist1m 38s
  • POST a comment4m 37s
  • Test the sample app1m 2s
  • Change the names of properties3m 9s
  • Customize the data converter3m 28s
  • Form URL encoding3m 4s
  • Use a query, header, or field map4m 49s
  • Make a multipart request2m 47s
  • Use ProGuard with Retrofit2m 18s
  • Next steps43s

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