Android Development: Audio and Video

Android Development: Audio and Video

Android Development: Audio and Video is an Intermediate level tutorial on Developer, produced by the creator, Kevin Moore. This tutorial is a critical step for anyone who needs to sharpen his/her Developer skills. It provides you a strong understanding on Developer, Mobile Apps, Android, Developer, Mobile Apps and Android.

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Author Kevin Moore
Publish Date 4/16/2019
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 46m
Topic Android
Video Tutorials 39
Last Update N/A

Want to incorporate video and audio into your Android app? If so, then this course is for you. Join instructor Kevin Moore as he shows how to support video and audio playback using either the system widgets or ExoPlayer. Kevin begins by covering the Android multimedia framework, explaining how to work with AudioManager to control audio focus and volume, as well as how to play audio with MediaPlayer. Plus, learn how to work with the SoundPool class for preloading and playing audio, create a media-rich project with ExoPlayer—an application-level media player from Google—and more. Follow the coding examples throughout the course for hands-on learning.

Topics include:

  • Why your app needs audio and video
  • Controlling volume with AudioManager
  • Playing audio with MediaPlayer
  • Playing multiple sound files at once with SoundPool
  • Creating a VideoView UI
  • Playing media in the background
  • Audio and video formats
  • Working with ExoPlayer

Android Development: Audio and Video : Video Lessons

  • Create media rich apps with Android1m
  • What you should know47s
  • Why your app needs audio and video2m 4s
  • Two ways to play: Android or ExoPlayer3m 41s
  • Media locations: Local or streaming2m 29s
  • Playing audio and video2m 23s
  • AudioManager overview2m 28s
  • Set the volume1m 47s
  • Audio focus3m 25s
  • Abandoning audio focus1m 38s
  • Internet and WakeLock permissions2m 42s
  • Setup3m 48s
  • States2m 8s
  • Loading files2m 45s
  • Playing media2m 6s
  • SoundPool overview2m 45s
  • Load files with SoundPool5m 24s
  • Play files with SoundPool3m 53s
  • Hooking UI controls to SoundPool3m 11s
  • VideoView overview2m 17s
  • Create a VideoView UI2m 30s
  • Playing and pausing VideoView1m 53s
  • MediaSession overview4m 22s
  • MediaSession example usage2m 39s
  • Channels2m 13s
  • Notifications4m 25s
  • Background services3m 21s
  • Create MediaPlayer3m 37s
  • Create stop and pause method3m
  • Create play method3m 10s
  • Audio formats1m 15s
  • Video formats1m 47s
  • Overview and library setup1m 55s
  • Initialization1m 28s
  • Load and play media2m 44s
  • Create video and audio player4m 9s
  • Create media sources3m 55s
  • Set up players4m 21s
  • Next steps40s

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