Analog Photography: Setting Up a Home Darkroom

Analog Photography: Setting Up a Home Darkroom

Analog Photography: Setting Up a Home Darkroom is an Beginner level course on Photography, created by an expert, Konrad Eek. This course is a critical base for an individual who needs to get better at his/her Photography skills. It provides you a strong understanding on Black and White, Photography, Printing Photos, Black and White, Photography and Printing Photos.

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Author Konrad Eek
Publish Date 3/11/2015
Skill Beginner
Duration 50m 36s
Topic Black and White
Video Tutorials 15
Last Update N/A

More and more photographers are discovering—or rediscovering—the pleasures of analog photography. A great first step is to shoot and process black-and-white film, then scan the results and work with the images in a computer. After you’ve done that, it’s time for the next step: setting up your own darkroom and making black-and-white enlargements.

In this course, photographer and educator Konrad Eek builds on his Shooting and Processing Black-and-White Film course to show the equipment, steps, and techniques involved in setting up a darkroom and making your own prints. From essential gear and setup considerations to processing techniques, this course is a complete introduction to the pleasures of black-and-white printing.

Analog Photography: Setting Up a Home Darkroom : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 24s
  • Exploring the reasons you may want a home darkroom1m 31s
  • Exploring the enlarger, the exposure tools, and the timer6m 32s
  • Understanding the processing tools4m 27s
  • Where to find and purchase darkroom equipment4m
  • Understanding where to put your darkroom5m 46s
  • Evaluating the chosen space and initial darkroom setup2m 33s
  • Installing the enlarger and setting up the dry work station5m 27s
  • Installing the developing components of the wet work station6m 42s
  • Lighting and the final steps to light-proof the room3m 23s
  • Darkroom space tour and tests1m 18s
  • Making the first work print5m 45s
  • Final thoughts on resources and home darkroom setup1m 48s

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