Agile Software Development: Remote Teams

Agile Software Development: Remote Teams

Agile Software Development: Remote Teams is an Intermediate level course on Developer, written by the creator, Andrea Goulet. This course is an essential step for anyone who needs to sharpen his/her Developer skills. It provides you a strong understanding on Developer, Programming Foundations, Developer and Programming Foundations.

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Author Andrea Goulet
Publish Date 5/9/2019
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 41m
Topic Developer
Video Tutorials 35
Last Update N/A

Software teams are increasingly going remote—and for good reason. Remote workers often boast greater autonomy and productivity than their in-office counterparts. Going remote can also help organizations save on resources by allowing them to invest less in physical infrastructure. Curious about how to help your software team make the switch to remote work? In this course, Andrea Goulet shows you how, stepping through how to roll out an agile-based remote working strategy for your software team. Along the way, she shares distributed development practices that can benefit both fully remote and co-located teams. Get tips for leveraging top tools for distributed teams, maintaining technical excellence, interviewing and hiring, adapting standup meetings for remote workers, and more.

Topics include:

  • The benefits and challenges of remote working
  • Co-located and distributed remote working models
  • Making the shift to a digital workspace
  • Filtering information to preserve your productivity
  • Security on remote teams
  • Continuous integration, delivery, and deployment
  • Code reviews
  • Creating job descriptions for remote positions
  • Adapting pairing and mobbing for remote workers

Agile Software Development: Remote Teams : Video Lessons

  • Remote-first culture for agile teams1m 33s
  • What you should know54s
  • The rise of remote working3m 12s
  • Remote working benefits3m 34s
  • Remote working challenges3m 26s
  • Remote working models1m 30s
  • Remote working models: Colocated4m
  • Remote working models: Distributed3m 54s
  • Conway's Law: Building a strong communication foundation3m 31s
  • The intentionally distributed mindset3m 9s
  • Shifting to a digital workspace4m 10s
  • The cost of context switching4m 8s
  • ChatOps: Integrating your communications4m 24s
  • Signal vs. Noise4m 30s
  • Virtual private networks (VPNs) and firewalls2m 9s
  • Encryption and two-factor authentication2m 35s
  • Version control: Never run a remote team without it3m 55s
  • Methodologies that drive development4m 13s
  • Continuous improvement and marginal gains3m 49s
  • Continuous integration, delivery, and deployment3m 33s
  • Understanding technical debt3m 18s
  • Atomic commits: One change, one commit3m 26s
  • Branching and forking2m 8s
  • Code reviews3m 1s
  • Creating job descriptions for remote positions3m 9s
  • Interviewing and hiring for remote teams2m 31s
  • Where's the whiteboard?2m 13s
  • Remote whiteboard tools3m 18s
  • Remote pairing and mobbing4m 1s
  • Remote standups2m 46s
  • Remote retrospectives4m 3s
  • Next steps1m 34s

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