Agile Software Development: Code Quality

Agile Software Development: Code Quality

Agile Software Development: Code Quality is an Intermediate level study on Developer, created by an expert, M. Scott Ford. This study is a critical pillar for anyone who needs to excel in his/her Developer expertise. It provides you a strong understanding on Development Tools, Developer, SonarQube, Development Tools, Developer and SonarQube.

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Author M. Scott Ford
Publish Date 3/28/2019
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 40m
Topic Developer
Video Tutorials 32
Last Update N/A

Code quality is important to every developer. Poorly written software can cost you customers, time, and money. This course introduces best practices and tools for writing high-quality code, so you can deliver better products, get updates to market faster, and reduce your overall technical debt. Instructor Scott Ford introduces platform-agnostic tools that will help improve any software project. Learn how to reduce complexity with CodeClimate, analyze hotspots and churn with CodeScene, ensure adequate code coverage with NDepend, and reduce duplication with SonarQube. Plus, find out how to use Snyk to secure dependencies and build a more consistent coding style with HoundCI. By the end, you’ll have the tools and skills you need to create cleaner code—and programs that are easier to debug, run, and maintain.

Topics include:

  • Code quality metrics and tools
  • Exploring code complexity
  • Adjusting complexity thresholds
  • Analyzing hotspots and churn
  • Visualizing code coverage
  • Finding duplication
  • Securing dependencies
  • Maintaining a consistent coding style

Agile Software Development: Code Quality : Video Lessons

  • Why code quality is important1m 2s
  • What you should know18s
  • What is code quality?1m 28s
  • How do we end up with poor quality code?1m 45s
  • Review of code quality metrics and tools3m 53s
  • What is complexity?2m 39s
  • Exploring complexity with Code Climate3m 22s
  • Enabling cyclomatic complexity4m 25s
  • Adjust thresholds3m 36s
  • What are hotspots and churn?2m 22s
  • Hotspots and churn with CodeScene3m 59s
  • Customizing analysis with CodeScene5m 3s
  • What is code coverage?2m 56s
  • Windows setup2m 9s
  • Collecting code coverage with dotCover3m 23s
  • Visualizing code coverage with NDepend5m 35s
  • macOS X setup3m 19s
  • Collecting code coverage with SimpleCov3m 57s
  • Visualizing code coverage with Code Climate5m 21s
  • What is duplication?2m 10s
  • Setting up copy/paste detectors (CPD)1m 33s
  • Finding duplication with CPD5m 9s
  • Visualizing duplication with SonarQube5m 40s
  • Why secure dependencies?1m 51s
  • Setting up Snyk1m 24s
  • Securing your dependencies with Snyk CLI4m 10s
  • Securing your dependencies with Snyk web3m 9s
  • Why consistent coding style?1m 40s
  • Setting up Flask2m 1s
  • Detect style violations with Flake85m 50s
  • Automated code style review with Hound CI4m 45s
  • Next steps36s

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