After Effects Compositing: 3 Advanced Matching and Looks

After Effects Compositing: 3 Advanced Matching and Looks

After Effects Compositing: 3 Advanced Matching and Looks is an Intermediate level tutorial on 3D + Animation, produced by the creator, Mark Christiansen. This tutorial is an essential foundation for anyone who needs to excel in his/her 3D + Animation expertise. It gives you a thorough grip on 3D + Animation, Photography, Video, Visual Effects, After Effects, 3D + Animation, Photography, Video, Visual Effects and After Effects.

Free Download - After Effects Compositing: 3 Advanced Matching and Looks
Author Mark Christiansen
Publish Date 6/16/2014
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 9m
Topic 3D + Animation
Video Tutorials 32
Last Update N/A

Compositing is all about matching, and in this course we go beyond the fundamentals of matching foreground and background, into the realm of the truly cinematic. Learn how to use the Curves control to surpass what is possible with any other color-adjustment tool in After Effects. Discover how to match the full conditions of the shot as the camera sees it, including back lighting, lens distortion, and other lens and frame-rate artifacts. To make a shot or sequence that belongs in your movie, you need to know how to flatten the shot so that you can use tools such as Magic Bullet Mojo or Looks to make it look truly cinematic. But even beyond making it flat, it’s best for it to have the full depth and response of color as we see it in the natural world, and that requires the use of 32-bit-per-channel HDR. And for maximum drama, you want to be able to play with time itself, and motion blur as well. In this course, Mark Christiansen takes you through all these scenarios and the next step in After Effects compositing: matching a shot and making it look not only realistic, but cinematic.

Topics include:

  • Advanced color correction with multiple objects and Curves
  • Adding a light-wrap effect to composite into a backlit scene
  • Compositing into lens distortion
  • Recognizing and fixing rolling shutter
  • Matching motion
  • Working in HDR
  • Create cinematic color contrasts with Mojo
  • Customizing a film look with Looks

After Effects Compositing: 3 Advanced Matching and Looks : Video Lessons

  • Welcome50s
  • Understand what Curves can do like no other color corrector5m 41s
  • Advanced adjustment with multiple objects and Curves4m 51s
  • Set guide layers to solve workflow problems5m 59s
  • Set guide layers to freely add a nonrendering reference4m 26s
  • Create a color look with Curves7m 35s
  • Add a light-wrap effect to composite into a backlit scene4m 56s
  • Study a reference; then bend the rules of lighting3m 54s
  • Automate the light-wrap process with rd_LightWrap2m 44s
  • Understand lens distortion4m 29s
  • Composite into lens distortion4m 31s
  • Recognize and fix rolling shutter distortion3m 17s
  • Match the softness of natural edges3m 30s
  • Shutter speed vs. frame rate3m 8s
  • Match motion blur: Animated keyframes4m 5s
  • Set up the retime shot4m 18s
  • Match motion blur: No keyframes3m 34s
  • Use Time Remap7m 27s
  • Fix sloppy precomps with the Preserve frame rate when nested option3m 36s
  • Understand why After Effects has three bit depths3m 38s
  • Know the fundamental differences between HDR and LDR3m 40s
  • Work in HDR, even when beginning in LDR2m 26s
  • Be deliberate when establishing and breaking the 32-bit-per-channel pipeline2m 49s
  • Freely work in HDR and render in LDR3m 34s
  • Avoid the 32-bit-per-channel slowdown2m 10s
  • A brief word on color spaces and linear light4m 28s
  • Determine a starting point: Make it flat6m 2s
  • Know your color-grading options and approach5m 39s
  • Create cinematic color contrasts with Mojo3m 27s
  • Customize a film look with Looks5m 27s
  • Create a film look with common lens "flaws"3m 4s

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