After Effects Apprentice: 14 Shape Layers

After Effects Apprentice: 14 Shape Layers

After Effects Apprentice: 14 Shape Layers is an Intermediate level course on 3D + Animation, crafted by the author, Chris Meyer. This course is an essential pillar for a person who needs to sharpen his/her 3D + Animation skills. It gives you a thorough grip on 3D + Animation, Motion Graphics, Photography, Video, Visual Effects, After Effects, 3D + Animation, Motion Graphics, Photography, Video, Visual Effects and After Effects.

Free Download - After Effects Apprentice: 14 Shape Layers
Author Chris Meyer
Publish Date 1/25/2012
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 20m
Topic 3D + Animation
Video Tutorials 31
Last Update 11/11/2016

In this course, author Chris Meyer shows how to create and animate vector-based artwork directly inside Adobe After Effects. The course covers the ins and outs of working with shape layers, including creating shape paths, applying shape effects, and reordering shape operators. The course also contains a series of exercises on creating common motion graphics elements using shape layers.

The After Effects Apprentice series was created by Trish and Chris Meyer. These tutorials are designed for After Effects CS4 through CC, and can be used on their own or as a companion to the Meyer’s book, After Effects Apprentice.

Topics include:

  • Drawing parametric shapes and pen paths
  • Creating multiple shape groups
  • Exploring Wiggle Paths and the Wiggle Transform effect
  • Defining gradient fills
  • Creating a swarm
  • Blending multiple shapes into a texture
  • Crafting and animating dotted and dashed lines
  • Combining effects, layer styles, expressions, and the Brainstorm tool with shape layers
  • Showing tips for stylizing sidebars

After Effects Apprentice: 14 Shape Layers : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 56s
  • Software versions and exercise files3m 19s
  • Shape tool overview4m 16s
  • Drawing parametric shapes5m 42s
  • Drawing pen paths5m 10s
  • Convert to Bezier paths3m 40s
  • Creating multiple shape groups3m 14s
  • Creating multiple paths in the same group4m 24s
  • Creating compound paths8m 14s
  • Exploring shape effects6m 38s
  • Wiggle Paths2m 40s
  • Repeater6m 52s
  • Wiggle Transform4m 53s
  • Combining Wiggle Transform with the Repeater3m 13s
  • Editing gradients5m 12s
  • Creating open paths4m 23s
  • Automatic animation3m 52s
  • Creating a swarm2m 36s
  • Blending multiple shapes into a texture5m 14s
  • Creating a RotoBezier path3m 23s
  • Dashes and gaps3m
  • Animating a line3m 27s
  • Using the Repeater to create an end pose3m 50s
  • Using Brainstorm to create an animation6m 13s
  • Geometry options (new in CS6)3m 45s
  • Material options (new in CS6)5m 39s
  • Animating a 3D shape (new in CS6)4m 22s
  • Tips for stylized bars5m 31s
  • Additional shape presets4m 38s
  • Convert vector layers to shapes (new in CS6)7m 58s
  • Convert type to shape layers3m 22s

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