Advertising on Twitter

Advertising on Twitter

Advertising on Twitter is an Beginner level tutorial on Business, created by the author, Megan Adams. This tutorial is a critical foundation for a person who needs to sharpen his/her Business expertise. It provides you a strong understanding on Business, Advertising, Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Twitter, Business, Advertising, Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Twitter.

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Author Megan Adams
Publish Date 2/18/2020
Skill Beginner
Duration 1h 27m
Topic Advertising
Video Tutorials 28
Last Update N/A

Why choose Twitter advertising to market your business online? Twitter can help you target audiences by demographic, keyword, username, or interest and build brand awareness in real time. It’s a perfect platform for small business and those new to online advertising—but it’s used by businesses of all shapes and sizes. This course shows how to use Twitter for advertising, starting with an explanation of Twitter ad types and targeting options. Social media strategist Megan Adams then shows how to set up an advertising account, define your audience, and create campaigns around specific goals: gaining followers, driving traffic to a webpage, collecting leads, promoting an app, and more. Along the way, find out how to set up bids and budgets, manage tweets, and review campaign reports.

Topics include:

  • Twitter ad campaign types
  • Defining and targeting your audience
  • Setting up your account
  • Basic targeting methods
  • Advanced targeting methods
  • Bidding on Twitter ads
  • Creating an ad campaign
  • Managing media and content
  • Reviewing Twitter analytics

Advertising on Twitter : Video Lessons

  • Reach your audience with Twitter Ads38s
  • An introduction to Twitter Ads3m 9s
  • Twitter Ad campaign types2m 48s
  • Basic advertising terminology3m 5s
  • How to craft a powerful profile4m 42s
  • Define and target your audience2m 48s
  • Set up your advertising account4m 6s
  • Navigate the interface3m 25s
  • Demographic targeting: Geotargeting2m 59s
  • Keyword targeting2m 48s
  • Interest targeting3m 6s
  • Tailored Audiences4m 51s
  • Device-based targeting2m 8s
  • Follower look-alike2m 47s
  • Set up budgets2m 14s
  • Decide on your bids3m 40s
  • Set up a campaign3m 56s
  • Set your bid and budget5m 18s
  • Select your audience: Targeting5m 30s
  • Choose your creatives5m 49s
  • Review your campaign2m 5s
  • Manage tweets1m 41s
  • Cards library2m 58s
  • Twitter Media Studio2m 55s
  • Review your campaign reports2m 14s
  • Tweet activity3m 11s
  • Video activity1m 54s
  • Next steps46s

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