Advanced Photoshop: Blending, Masking, and Compositing

Advanced Photoshop: Blending, Masking, and Compositing

Advanced Photoshop: Blending, Masking, and Compositing is an Intermediate level course on Photography, compiled by the creator, Deke McClelland. This course is an important pillar for anyone who needs to excel in his/her Photography expertise. It provides you a thorough grip on Masking + Compositing, Photography, Photoshop, Masking + Compositing, Photography and Photoshop.

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Author Deke McClelland
Publish Date 11/28/2011
Skill Intermediate
Duration 4h 3m
Topic Masking + Compositing
Video Tutorials 71
Last Update N/A

Advanced Blending is the second installment in Deke McClelland’s series on making photorealistic compositions in Photoshop. The course explores blending options and shows how to use them to create sophisticated effects and seamless compositions, often without masking. Beginning with the basics of blending layered images, the course sheds light on the formulas behind the Photoshop blend modes and shows how to comp scanned line art, create double-exposure effects, correct skin tones, and work with the luminance sliders.

Topics include:

  • Assembling dynamic Dissolve effects
  • Filling and stroking with Behind and Clear
  • Cleaning up and compositing scanned line art
  • Understanding the darken, lighten, and contrast modes
  • Refining a mask with Multiply and Screen
  • Creating a glowing, soft-focus effect
  • Blending images with textures
  • Comparing two seemingly identical images
  • Creating type that inverts everything behind it
  • Colorizing artwork with layers
  • Achieving greater control with the Blend If option

Advanced Photoshop: Blending, Masking, and Compositing : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 43s
  • When in doubt, blend2m 20s
  • Where to find blending options4m 10s
  • 27 blend modes, 6 groups4m 23s
  • Opacity vs. Fill Opacity4m 41s
  • The "Fill Opacity Eight"4m 59s
  • Blending adjustment layers4m 43s
  • Blend mode shortcuts8m
  • The power of standardized arithmetic6m 58s
  • Photoshop's blending formulas5m 27s
  • Darken formulas vs. lighten formulas4m 15s
  • Contrast mode formulas7m 28s
  • Inversion, cancelation, and HSL2m 55s
  • Normal mode vs. Dissolve mode2m 11s
  • Making a dynamic Dissolve effect2m 21s
  • Creating a Dissolve text effect4m 48s
  • The Behind and Clear modes3m 2s
  • Filling a stroke with Behind and Clear5m 28s
  • Darken vs. Darker Color4m 25s
  • Creating filter effects with Darken5m
  • The Multiply and Burn modes6m 27s
  • Cleaning up scanned line art7m 30s
  • Comping line art against a photo5m 12s
  • Colorizing comped line art5m 15s
  • Masking with a darken mode3m 59s
  • Refining a mask with Multiply5m 37s
  • Lighten vs. Lighter Color2m 29s
  • Creating filter effects with Lighten2m 47s
  • The Screen and Dodge modes4m 35s
  • Blending white type, darkening shadows3m 3s
  • Creating a classic double-exposure effect3m 49s
  • Making dark line art bright5m 11s
  • Masking with a lighten mode5m 4s
  • Refine, filter, and blend6m 39s
  • Overlay, Soft Light, and Hard Light5m 2s
  • Vivid, Linear, and Pin Light4m 2s
  • The amazing Hard Mix mode3m 51s
  • Two variations on a single mode5m 37s
  • Adding clarity with a contrast mode4m 9s
  • Creating a glowing, soft-focus effect3m 38s
  • Blending an image with a paper texture4m 11s
  • Turning flesh into stone4m 48s
  • Difference, Exclusion, Subtract, and Divide7m 7s
  • Comparing seemingly identical images3m 25s
  • Creating type that inverts any background3m 30s
  • Making inversion type black and white4m 8s
  • Luminosity, Color, Hue, and Saturation3m 29s
  • Colorizing artwork with layers7m 24s
  • Correcting skin tones with Hue6m 4s
  • Using the This Layer slider option6m 44s
  • Using the Underlying Layer slider option3m 16s
  • Achieving greater control with Blend If4m 57s
  • Next steps48s

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