Advanced Java Programming

Advanced Java Programming

Advanced Java Programming is an Advanced level study on Developer, produced by the creator, Bethan Palmer. This study is an absolute base for an individual who needs to sharpen his/her Developer skills. It provides you a thorough grip on Languages, Developer, Java, Languages, Developer and Java.

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Author Bethan Palmer
Publish Date 5/1/2019
Skill Advanced
Duration 1h 55m
Topic Developer
Video Tutorials 39
Last Update N/A

Want to get more out of the Java language and platform? In this platform- and framework-neutral course, instructor Bethan Palmer digs into some of the language’s more advanced features, helping you expand your programming skills as she equips you with techniques you can use when building applications anywhere Java is used: in web, mobile, and desktop applications. Bethan covers a variety of topics, including generics, working with the Collections Framework, and functional programming. Plus, learn about I/O in Java, working with files and directories, and structuring applications using the modular system available in Java.

Topics include:

  • Installing the NetBeans IDE
  • Using generic methods in Java
  • Using wildcards in generic programming
  • Implementing a queue with a LinkedList
  • Functional programming in Java
  • Multi-threading
  • Working with I/O in Java
  • Managing files and directories

Advanced Java Programming : Video Lessons

  • Learn advanced Java programming47s
  • What you should know25s
  • Which version of Java to use?1m 59s
  • Installing the NetBeans IDE1m 23s
  • Introduction to generics in Java1m 43s
  • Generic methods in Java3m 39s
  • Using varargs in Java2m 47s
  • The substitution principle in Java3m 1s
  • Using wildcards in generic programming3m 9s
  • The Collections framework in Java3m 4s
  • Using linked lists to structure data3m 8s
  • Implementing a queue with a linked list3m 20s
  • Storing pairs with HashMaps4m 3s
  • Implementing a LinkedHashMap3m 22s
  • Functional interfaces in Java2m 40s
  • Implementing lambdas in Java3m 59s
  • Using method references in Java2m 24s
  • Understanding streams in Java3m 18s
  • Implementing streams in Java3m 56s
  • Implementing parallel streams1m 57s
  • Understanding modules in Java2m 37s
  • Creating a module in Java3m 11s
  • Understanding modular structures3m 20s
  • Working with multiple modules4m 53s
  • Running modules from the command line4m 29s
  • Introduction to threads in Java2m 36s
  • The Thread class in Java3m 20s
  • The Runnable interface in Java3m 42s
  • Synchronized methods in Java4m 3s
  • Avoiding thread deadlock3m 7s
  • Understanding I/O in Java1m 55s
  • Reading console input with a scanner4m 13s
  • Reading files with BufferedReader3m 49s
  • Using try-with-resources with I/O2m 22s
  • Creating a new file2m 53s
  • Working with directories in Java3m 24s
  • Using the Path class in Java3m 26s
  • Copying files with the Path class3m 37s
  • Next steps43s

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