Advanced Color Workflows for Photographers

Advanced Color Workflows for Photographers

Advanced Color Workflows for Photographers is an Intermediate level course on Photography, written by an expert, Joe Brady. This course is an important base for a person who needs to excel in his/her Photography talent. It provides you a thorough grip on Cameras + Gear, Color Correction, Photography, Video, Printing Photos, Photoshop, Cameras + Gear, Color Correction, Photography, Video, Printing Photos and Photoshop.

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Author Joe Brady
Publish Date 9/10/2014
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 28m
Topic Cameras + Gear
Video Tutorials 24
Last Update N/A

In photography, a color-managed workflow makes it easier to obtain consistent-looking color in every phase of the process: when you’re editing photos on screen, printing them on an inkjet printer, or having them printed by a commercial lab.

In this course, Joe Brady builds on his Color Management Fundamentals course, focusing on color-management issues of specific interest to photographers. After a review of digital-color concepts, the course explores creating color profiles for each device in the digital photography workflow, from monitor to printer, to camera. Joe demonstrates the tools and techniques behind color profiling, even covering tablets—ideal for photographers using iPads or Android tablets as wireless remote controls.

Topics include:

  • What gear can and should be profiled?
  • Comparing color spaces
  • Choosing a monitor
  • Profiling your monitor
  • Paper-profiling devices
  • Profiling iOS and Android devices
  • Soft proofing

Advanced Color Workflows for Photographers : Video Lessons

  • Welcome49s
  • What you should know before watching this course1m 18s
  • Why do we care about color workflow?2m 23s
  • Calibration and profiling2m 45s
  • What gear can and should be profiled?4m 27s
  • Understanding color spaces1m 53s
  • Comparing types of color spaces4m 49s
  • Color-space conversions5m 57s
  • Choosing the best monitor for your needs2m 49s
  • Advanced monitor profiling6m 55s
  • The limitations of profiling dual displays3m 50s
  • Why use custom paper profiles?2m 58s
  • Advanced paper profiling9m 38s
  • Optical brighteners and profiling remote printers4m 26s
  • Adjusting profiles for viewing conditions7m 4s
  • Managing color on tablets and smartphones1m 49s
  • Profiling an iOS or Android device3m 45s
  • The destination of your digital image file2m 53s
  • Soft proofing overview2m 54s
  • Soft proofing for inkjet printing4m 38s
  • Soft proofing for lab printing and web viewing3m 34s
  • Preparing files for CMYK printing3m 42s
  • Summarizing the benefits of an advanced color workflow2m 21s
  • Next steps1m 15s

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