Advanced Capture One Pro: Library Management

Advanced Capture One Pro: Library Management

Advanced Capture One Pro: Library Management is an Advanced level course on Photography, created by an expert, Derrick Story. This course is a critical base for a person who needs to sharpen his/her Photography skills. It provides you a thorough grip on Photo Management, Photography, Capture One Pro, Photo Management, Photography and Capture One Pro.

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Author Derrick Story
Publish Date 2/13/2017
Skill Advanced
Duration 2h 38m
Topic Capture One Pro
Video Tutorials 49
Last Update N/A

Capture One Pro is a powerful photo-management and raw-format conversion program. In this course, photographer Derrick Story—who uses Capture One Pro to manage his own photography business—zooms in on the photo management features of the program. He goes into the advantages of choosing a session or catalog, and helps you decide which option best suits your work. For those who go with the catalog option, he also helps you decide between a managed or referenced catalog. Learn about integrating sessions and travel catalogs into your master libraries, using the Folders panel to control how your images are organized on the hard drive, filtering your images using star ratings, color tags, and key words, and more.

Topics include:

  • Deciding between a session or catalog
  • Choosing between a managed or referenced catalog
  • Importing files for sessions and managed and referenced catalogs
  • Integrating a session into a managed and referenced catalog
  • Using the Import Session command
  • Creating a project in user collections
  • Adding an album to user collections
  • Adding pictures to an existing album and a project
  • Configuring a Smart Album in user collections
  • Showing information for albums and projects
  • Exporting projects and albums as catalogs
  • Using the Folders panel

Advanced Capture One Pro: Library Management : Video Lessons

  • Welcome56s
  • What you need to know before starting3m 15s
  • Windows and Mac terminology2m 36s
  • A note about backing up your work1m 53s
  • Choose a session or catalog3m 12s
  • Choose a managed or referenced catalog2m 37s
  • Import files for a managed catalog6m 25s
  • Import files for a referenced catalog3m 39s
  • Import files for a session2m 35s
  • Integrate a session into a managed catalog3m 34s
  • Integrate a session into a referenced catalog3m 20s
  • Use the Import Session command3m 25s
  • Understand the user collections area1m 37s
  • Create a project in user collections3m 4s
  • Add an album to user collections2m 49s
  • Add pictures to an existing album2m 55s
  • Add pictures to a project3m 11s
  • Configure a Smart Album in user collections4m 55s
  • Make a group in user collections3m 1s
  • Show info for albums and projects1m 58s
  • Set and add to a Selects album3m 41s
  • Export projects and albums as catalogs3m 23s
  • Import travel catalogs into a master catalog1m 58s
  • The Folders panel3m 51s
  • Move files on the hard drive via the Folders panel4m 23s
  • Synchronize a folder4m 44s
  • Locate missing masters4m 10s
  • Work with your masters offline6m 4s
  • Show and hide the folder hierarchy1m 5s
  • Add a folder and move images into it2m 34s
  • Put a catalog on a network6m 48s
  • Make a referenced catalog managed2m 27s
  • Customize your file names on import (tokens)2m 29s
  • Create a file naming preset4m 20s
  • Create and apply a metadata preset4m 34s
  • Add metadata to your images on import2m 36s
  • Reset text completions1m 57s
  • Batch rename images2m 22s
  • Add keywords via the Metadata tool tab3m 33s
  • Edit mistyped keywords or delete them3m 12s
  • Delete keywords from an entire catalog2m 6s
  • Overview of the Filters panel1m 50s
  • Add and subtract filters from the panel2m 44s
  • Star ratings and color tags in Filters2m 48s
  • Use keywords in the Filters panel6m 13s
  • Use global filters3m 7s
  • Sort thumbnails by various criteria3m 5s
  • Save search results as albums3m 39s
  • Next steps2m 9s

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