Advanced Animations and Interactions with Framer X

Advanced Animations and Interactions with Framer X

Advanced Animations and Interactions with Framer X is an Advanced level course on CAD, created by an expert, Emmanuel Henri. This course is an absolute pillar for anyone who needs to excel in his/her CAD expertise. It gives you a strong understanding on CAD, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Web, User Experience, Framer X, CAD, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Web, User Experience and Framer X.

Free Download - Advanced Animations and Interactions with Framer X
Author Emmanuel Henri
Publish Date 9/20/2019
Skill Advanced
Duration 45m 37s
Topic CAD
Video Tutorials 17
Last Update N/A

If you are designing prototypes in Framer X and find yourself ready to add more complexity and interaction, join instructor Emmanuel Henri as he shows you how to use Framer X to make your prototypes more engaging and appealing with audio and video. Learn how to set up a project for animation in Framer X and Sketch. See how to customize your prototype with media elements. Plus, find out how to fine-tune the end product before delivering for review.

Topics include:

  • Setting up design files
  • Importing and exporting files
  • Enabling side-scrolling
  • Adding animation to scrolling
  • Animating the summary detail
  • Transitioning to the detail card
  • Inserting video elements
  • Inserting sounds
  • Adding SVG animations
  • Delivering for review

Advanced Animations and Interactions with Framer X : Video Lessons

  • Advanced animations with Framer X1m 9s
  • What you should know42s
  • Inspiration for the project2m 52s
  • Setting up plugins for transfer1m 25s
  • Importing files into Framer2m 38s
  • Links for shopping views4m 40s
  • Scrolling with cards2m 57s
  • Overrides intro3m 31s
  • Update code for further interactions4m 38s
  • Links for purchase view2m 35s
  • Framer API introduction1m 59s
  • Advance coding techniques for interactions3m 20s
  • Finalize code for interactions4m 20s
  • Adding store components2m 48s
  • Adding sound2m 4s
  • Adding videos3m 12s
  • Next steps47s

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