Adobe XD Essential Training: Prototype and Share

Adobe XD Essential Training: Prototype and Share

Adobe XD Essential Training: Prototype and Share is an Intermediate level course on CAD, produced by the creator, Demian Borba. This course is an important foundation for a person who needs to sharpen his/her CAD expertise. It gives you a thorough grip on CAD, Prototyping, Web, User Experience, Adobe XD, CAD, Prototyping, Web, User Experience and Adobe XD.

Free Download - Adobe XD Essential Training: Prototype and Share
Author Demian Borba
Publish Date 10/17/2018
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 12m
Topic Adobe XD
Video Tutorials 34
Last Update N/A

Adobe XD is a fantastic platform for UX design that allows you to create rich prototypes with fixed elements, overlays, and complex animations. It also has powerful features for capturing feedback and for developer handoff. Demian Borba is a strategic development manager for XD and, in this course, he shares insider tips on prototyping and sharing design and prototypes with XD. Learn how to build artboards into clickable prototypes with transitions and detailed microinteractions; record prototypes as videos; preview on iOS and Android; and export to After Effects. Then, when it’s time for sharing, create web links with your work for stakeholders to review with comments and pins, and with developers via Design Spec links, where they can get all the info they need, including assets.

Topics include:

  • Adding, removing, and recording interactions
  • Using overlays and fixed elements
  • Creating rich animations within the same artboard
  • Using timed transitions and drag gestures
  • Previewing mobile projects on iOS or Android devices
  • Sharing prototypes on the web for feedback
  • Creating design specs for developers
  • Exporting assets as PNG, SVG, PDF, and JPG
  • Export designs to After Effects
  • Delivering presentations with XD

Adobe XD Essential Training: Prototype and Share : Video Lessons

  • Prototype your designs efficiently39s
  • What is XD?5m 10s
  • What should you know?33s
  • Why do we prototype?3m 21s
  • Create and remove interactions1m 53s
  • Copy and paste interactions1m 45s
  • Record your interaction2m 7s
  • Understand transitions and easing3m 52s
  • Preserve the scroll position3m 5s
  • Fix elements when scrolling2m 50s
  • Overlays for side menus, modals, and keyboards4m 22s
  • Create transitions triggered by Time3m 3s
  • Create animations within the same artboard with Auto-Animate4m 2s
  • Mix Auto-Animate with Time4m 15s
  • Create transitions triggered by Drag3m 10s
  • Real-time preview via USB1m 44s
  • Artboards and hotspot hints2m 32s
  • Load XD documents from CC Files2m 34s
  • Share a prototype as a web link2m 28s
  • Get feedback on web prototypes2m 13s
  • Manage links and the access to them56s
  • The home artboard and multiple flows1m 53s
  • Use XD to deliver presentations1m 53s
  • Email a copy57s
  • Export assets as PNG, SVG, PDF, or JPG1m 39s
  • Batch exporting assets1m 41s
  • Create a design spec as a web link4m 32s
  • Export to After Effects2m 45s
  • Next steps55s

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