Adobe XD Essential Training: Design (2018)

Adobe XD Essential Training: Design (2018)

Adobe XD Essential Training: Design (2018) is an Intermediate level course on Web, compiled by the author, Demian Borba. This course is an important pillar for anyone who needs to get better at his/her Web talent. It gives you a thorough grip on Interaction Design, Web, User Experience, Adobe XD, Interaction Design, Web, User Experience and Adobe XD.

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Author Demian Borba
Publish Date 10/15/2018
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 43m
Topic Adobe XD
Video Tutorials 35
Last Update N/A

Adobe XD is a powerful platform for creating user experiences using an iterative design process. In this course, strategic development manager Demian Borba introduces the design tools and workflows in XD. Learn how to set up a project for UX design, use artboards and grids, and start working with the vector design tools. Find out how to access the official UI kits from Apple, Google, Microsoft, and from the community, all for free. Then, discover how to use power capabilities such as Repeat Grid and the Assets panel. Leverage files from other apps as well as from Creative Cloud Libraries. Resize elements responsively and use plugins to do a lot more. By the end of the course, you should have everything you need to know to create efficient web and mobile application designs with Adobe XD.

Topics include:

  • Understanding all tools in Design mode
  • Bringing files for Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch
  • Working with text, vectors, image fills, and masks
  • Repeating elements with the powerful Repeat Grid tool
  • Resizing multiple elements with responsive resize
  • Using the new Assets panel to manage symbols, colors, and character styles
  • Sharing symbols across files, with text and image overrides
  • Creating and consuming bitmaps and vectors from CC Libraries
  • Extending the power of XD using great plugins

Adobe XD Essential Training: Design (2018) : Video Lessons

  • Take your design to the next level40s
  • What is Adobe XD?3m 55s
  • What should you know?33s
  • UI overview3m 5s
  • Design with artboards3m 29s
  • Navigate the canvas1m 23s
  • Open Sketch, PS, and AI files3m 17s
  • Access incredible free UI kits5m 46s
  • Square vs. layout grids4m 20s
  • Layers and the selection model4m 8s
  • The color picker2m 41s
  • Linear and radial gradients4m 4s
  • Create and edit vector shapes3m 35s
  • Pen tool and strokes5m 48s
  • Point and area text3m 33s
  • Work with masks3m 28s
  • Bring images into shapes2m 44s
  • Boolean operations2m 16s
  • Copy and paste the appearance1m 59s
  • Go faster with the Repeat Grid tool2m 55s
  • Add images and text with Repeat Grid2m 40s
  • Work with symbols and overrides2m 34s
  • Add and manage colors4m 59s
  • Add and manage text styles1m 54s
  • Label and organize assets3m 22s
  • Swap symbols1m 13s
  • Link symbols across documents2m 37s
  • Creating CC Libraries2m 56s
  • Consuming bitmaps from CC Libraries2m 53s
  • Consuming vectors from CC Libraries2m 38s
  • Resize elements responsively5m 31s
  • Find plugins to extend XD5m 39s
  • Next steps1m 5s

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