Adobe Dimension: Photo Shoot Composite

Adobe Dimension: Photo Shoot Composite

Adobe Dimension: Photo Shoot Composite is an Intermediate level tutorial on Design, produced by the creator, Steve Caplin. This tutorial is an essential step for an individual who needs to sharpen his/her Design talent. It provides you a thorough grip on Masking + Compositing, Design, Page Layout, Photography, Dimension, Masking + Compositing, Design, Page Layout, Photography and Dimension.

Free Download - Adobe Dimension: Photo Shoot Composite
Author Steve Caplin
Publish Date 2/22/2019
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 23m
Topic Design
Video Tutorials 31
Last Update N/A

Adobe Dimension CC is an easy-to-use app for creating photorealistic renders from 3D models. In this course, instructor Steve Caplin covers basic and advanced techniques for working with 3D models in this powerful program. Discover how to combine a 3D model with a background, and automatically match the perspective and lighting to match the background; how to build a box, size it to the proportions of your product, and map your own artwork onto it; how to combine multiple objects in a scene and render them; and how to build a wine bottle mockup, complete with a bottle label, background, and lighting. Plus, learn advanced techniques, such as how to fix broken models in Photoshop.

Topics include:

  • Building a scene
  • Creating a cube
  • Adjusting lighting and reflection
  • Adding texture to your models
  • Importing a 3D model and adjusting it
  • Adjusting the field of view
  • Fixing broken models in Photoshop

Adobe Dimension: Photo Shoot Composite : Video Lessons

  • Introduction to this course2m 20s
  • Place and manipulate a table3m 20s
  • Change the camera view1m 56s
  • Add textures and graphics3m 4s
  • Add a background and lighting4m 30s
  • Add a second object with multiple graphics3m 44s
  • Render the scene3m 3s
  • Adjust the artwork in Photoshop1m 34s
  • Create a cube2m 11s
  • Rework the graphic in Illustrator3m 11s
  • Add a background, adjust the lighting2m 52s
  • Find models on Adobe Stock1m 55s
  • Recolor the placed model2m 37s
  • Find models on archive3d.net2m 37s
  • Place the model in the car1m 48s
  • Adjust the viewpoint and render the scene3m 1s
  • Import and modify a background1m 57s
  • Manipulate groups and objects1m 58s
  • Add and modify textures2m 20s
  • Adjust the lighting1m 48s
  • Build the bottle in Photoshop1m 15s
  • Import the bottle and add a background1m 18s
  • Apply materials to the bottle1m 42s
  • Add the bottle label2m 27s
  • Complete the project in Photoshop1m 57s
  • Changing environment maps3m 34s
  • Using the Magic Wand and the Sampler tool2m 53s
  • Adjusting depth of field5m 33s
  • Keyboard shortcuts4m 22s
  • Next steps51s

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