Adobe Animate: Designing Interactive Experiences

Adobe Animate: Designing Interactive Experiences

Adobe Animate: Designing Interactive Experiences is an Intermediate level study on Web, written by an expert, Joseph Labrecque. This study is an essential foundation for an individual who needs to excel in his/her Web expertise. It gives you a strong understanding on Interaction Design, Web, Web Design, Adobe Animate, Interaction Design, Web, Web Design and Adobe Animate.

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Author Joseph Labrecque
Publish Date 5/30/2018
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 9m
Topic Adobe Animate
Video Tutorials 36
Last Update N/A

Interactivity is not a perk for modern web projects—it’s a prerequisite. Learn what you need to go beyond the basics and create engaging, interactive apps and web experiences using the tools in Adobe Animate. Instructor Joseph Labrecque shows how to build out a library of UI elements, such as buttons, toggles, sliders, and lists. He shows how to use these building blocks to design application views within the Animate timeline and create a persistent navigation bar. Then he shows how to add interactivity—using event listeners and custom functions to respond to user input—and animate application views with keyframes, motion tweening, and camera transitions. Finally, learn how to export your prototypes for distribution on desktop, web, and mobile devices.

Topics include:

  • Designing buttons
  • Building a toggle switch
  • Drawing a slider
  • Creating app views
  • Building persistent navigation
  • Adding interactivity
  • Animating nested elements
  • Animating interactive views with transitions
  • Publishing for web, desktop, and mobile
  • Converting ActionScript to JavaScript

Adobe Animate: Designing Interactive Experiences : Video Lessons

  • Welcome58s
  • What you should know39s
  • Using exercise files30s
  • Document properties overview4m
  • Drawing on the stage3m 1s
  • Understanding the Timeline2m 18s
  • Specifying a color set5m 13s
  • Design a simple button2m 32s
  • Component design considerations2m 54s
  • Create a set of button variants2m 39s
  • Building a toggle switch2m 4s
  • Mocking up a list component4m 12s
  • Drawing a slider3m 24s
  • Text layout4m 4s
  • Designating screen views3m 56s
  • Importing additional content4m 17s
  • Manipulating the views3m 28s
  • Creating view symbols1m 56s
  • Building persistent navigation5m 46s
  • Naming symbol instances3m 19s
  • Creating an actions layer1m 7s
  • Navigating to different views6m 24s
  • Animating nested elements5m 1s
  • Making nested elements interactive5m 47s
  • Targeting nested elements3m 58s
  • Extending frame spans5m 19s
  • Animating transitions with overlays5m 49s
  • Preparing for direct transitions2m 41s
  • Animating direct transitions9m 10s
  • Preparing for camera transitions2m 19s
  • Animating with camera transitions4m 57s
  • Publish for desktop4m 28s
  • Publish for mobile1m 21s
  • Converting for the web1m 26s
  • Rewriting interactivity8m 17s
  • Goodbye36s

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