Adobe Animate CC New Features

Adobe Animate CC New Features

Adobe Animate CC New Features is an Intermediate level course on Web, compiled by the author, Joseph Labrecque. This course is an absolute pillar for anyone who needs to excel in his/her Web talent. It provides you a thorough grip on Web, Web Design, Adobe Animate, Web, Web Design and Adobe Animate.

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Author Joseph Labrecque
Publish Date 6/13/2017
Skill Intermediate
Duration 3h
Topic Adobe Animate
Video Tutorials 66
Last Update 11/25/2019

Adobe Animate is the focused animation software that takes all the best tools from Flash Professional and bundles them with the Creative Cloud. In this course, learn about the features and enhancements in the latest releases of Adobe Animate—including the November 2019 update—by following along with expert Joseph Labrecque. Explore the modern user interface, advanced Onion Skin settings, and GPU-accelerated vector brushes such as Fluid Brush. Explore the enhanced animation tooling, including Frame Picker enhancements and ease presets for classic and shape tweens. Plus, learn about interactivity enhancements, including global JavaScript declarations, the ability to include references to external JavaScript libraries, and two new properties for HTML5 Canvas video components: mute and poster.

Topics include:

  • The new modern UI
  • Timeline enhancements
  • Advanced onion skinning
  • Fluid Brush tool and Fresco Brushes
  • Enhanced animation tooling
  • Frame Picker enhancements
  • Custom ease presets for shape tweens
  • Resetting the camera position
  • Interactivity enhancements
  • Global JavaScript declaration
  • Including external JavaScript libraries

Adobe Animate CC New Features : Video Lessons

  • Welcome44s
  • Using the exercise files1m 8s
  • Application modernization2m 55s
  • Properties panel modernization2m 46s
  • Custom toolbars2m 37s
  • Manage application preferences1m 39s
  • Timeline interface enhancements3m 18s
  • Timeline workflow enhancements3m 4s
  • Onion skin advanced settings3m 59s
  • Fluid Brush tool and Fresco brushes2m 52s
  • Video export enhancements2m 48s
  • Export and Publish enhancements2m 5s
  • Creating Google AMP HTML projects2m 26s
  • Using layer blend modes3m 2s
  • Frame Picker improvements3m 4s
  • Brush and Eraser improvements2m 9s
  • Enhanced After Effects workflow2m 32s
  • Enhanced Character Animator workflow5m 23s
  • User interface improvements2m 30s
  • Additional improvements1m 29s
  • Modern interface and start screen3m 9s
  • Virtual reality document types3m 45s
  • WebGL-glTF document types3m 12s
  • Asset Warp tool and warped objects3m 6s
  • Layer parenting5m 4s
  • Auto lip sync3m 56s
  • Use frame effects3m 16s
  • Changes to the application interface3m 42s
  • Timeline enhancements2m 8s
  • Modifying frame spans4m 24s
  • Easing enhancements2m 58s
  • Actions Wizard3m 48s
  • Animate preferences1m 19s
  • Advanced layers and layer depth4m 8s
  • Using the camera with layer depth4m 13s
  • Attaching layers to the camera3m 2s
  • Controlling the camera with code3m 55s
  • Frame Picker enhancements1m 31s
  • Ease presets for classic and shape tweens2m 9s
  • Custom ease presets for shape tweens2m 40s
  • Resetting camera position2m 56s
  • Global JavaScript declaration5m
  • Including external JavaScript libraries5m 13s
  • Generate Texture Atlas for game engines2m 53s
  • HTML5 video poster and mute2m 52s
  • Additional features and enhancements2m 49s
  • Camera zoom, pan, and rotation2m 24s
  • Camera filters and blend modes3m 20s
  • Animate the camera3m 27s
  • Stage clipping and outlines1m 19s
  • Share documents and symbols1m 49s
  • Google Fonts3m 13s
  • Vector brush creation2m 14s
  • Vector brush manager2m 1s
  • Brush pressure, tilt, and size1m 47s
  • HTML5 UI components2m 23s
  • HTML5 video components2m 32s
  • Code snippets for components6m 29s
  • Export an image3m 6s
  • Export an animated GIF2m 12s
  • Publish a SWF archive2m 11s
  • Goodbye45s

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