Additive Manufacturing: Short Run Production

Additive Manufacturing: Short Run Production

Additive Manufacturing: Short Run Production is an Intermediate level study on CAD, created by an expert, Joan Horvath. This study is an absolute foundation for a person who needs to excel in his/her CAD skills. It gives you a thorough grip on CAD, Manufacturing, Prototyping, Web, Product Design, CAD, Manufacturing, Prototyping, Web and Product Design.

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Author Joan Horvath
Publish Date 3/8/2019
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h
Topic CAD
Video Tutorials 21
Last Update N/A

As an alternative to traditional manufacturing techniques such as injection molding, additive manufacturing becomes an attractive option at quantities up to 1,000 units or even more. It can also function as a backup for making bridge parts before the regular ones are available in a manufacturing plant. This course discusses some of the key advantages of additive manufacturing, including part number reduction and thus reduced assembly time; increased reliability; backup capability in case of a part shortage; and possibly lower tooling costs. Instructors Rich Cameron and Joan Horvath also review some of the real-world manufacturing use cases where additive is cost effective and suggest which materials (filament, liquid resin, or powder) might make the most sense for your company and product.

Topics include:

  • Analyzing your current products
  • Printing with additive materials like filament
  • Reducing part count
  • Reducing tooling
  • Molds and casting
  • Evaluating the costs of additive manufacturing
  • Medical and dental use cases

Additive Manufacturing: Short Run Production : Video Lessons

  • Using 3D printers for short-run production1m 11s
  • Analyzing your current products4m 6s
  • Considering your current workflow3m 24s
  • When products become digital3m 12s
  • Testing out additive: Candidates for a trial application3m 1s
  • Printing with filament3m 19s
  • Printing with resin3m 47s
  • Printing with powder3m 27s
  • Reducing part count and lightweighting3m 21s
  • Eliminating or reducing tooling2m 17s
  • Bridge manufacturing2m 12s
  • Molds and casting2m 14s
  • Learning curves3m 39s
  • Big or small printers?3m 59s
  • Capital outlay and maintenance: Filament printers3m 42s
  • Capital outlay and maintenance: Resin printers3m 19s
  • Capital outlay and maintenance: Powder printers1m 59s
  • Medical/dental additive manufacturing issues1m 24s
  • Dental applications2m 33s
  • Medical additive manufacturing applications3m 27s
  • Next steps1m 17s

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