Adding a Person to a Group Photo in Photoshop

Adding a Person to a Group Photo in Photoshop

Adding a Person to a Group Photo in Photoshop is an Advanced level tutorial on Photography, created by an expert, Seán Duggan. This tutorial is an important pillar for anyone who needs to sharpen his/her Photography talent. It provides you a thorough grip on Masking + Compositing, Photography, Photoshop, Masking + Compositing, Photography and Photoshop.

Free Download - Adding a Person to a Group Photo in Photoshop
Author Seán Duggan
Publish Date 2/4/2016
Skill Advanced
Duration 1h 42m
Topic Masking + Compositing
Video Tutorials 17
Last Update N/A

Sometimes you have a group photo that doesn’t include the entire group. Maybe someone couldn’t make it. Maybe you needed to be in the shot—but also needed to take the shot.

Whatever the reason, Photoshop offers the solution: You can simply composite the missing person into the group shot. In this course, photographer and educator Seán Duggan shows how. He uses Smart Objects to nondestructively resize the images, adds and refines a layer mask, and then inserts the missing person behind the group. With some simple tonal adjustments, the end result can look completely natural. In chapter 4, Seán tackles a fun bonus challenge: placing new figures in historical photos.

Adding a Person to a Group Photo in Photoshop : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m
  • Using the exercise files19s
  • What you should know before watching this course27s
  • Why add someone to a group shot?3m 5s
  • Potential problems when using a provided image2m 45s
  • Shooting images specifically for this technique5m 41s
  • Using a Smart Object to resize the group photo7m 40s
  • Selecting with the Quick Selection tool8m 25s
  • Adding and refining a layer mask10m 36s
  • Putting a person behind other people7m 59s
  • Tonal adjustments when placing a person behind people8m 15s
  • Adding a Smart Object from another file6m 3s
  • Compositing elements from another photo9m 37s
  • Moving a person closer to the group9m 52s
  • Matching the texture in a historical photo11m 56s
  • Using adjustment layers to match tonal values8m 34s
  • Next steps32s

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