Activate Connections That Will Transform Your Career

Activate Connections That Will Transform Your Career

Activate Connections That Will Transform Your Career is an Beginner level course on Business, produced by an expert, genConnectU. This course is an essential step for anyone who needs to sharpen his/her Business talent. It gives you a thorough grip on Business, Career Development, Business and Career Development.

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Author genConnectU
Publish Date 2/7/2020
Skill Beginner
Duration 42m 47s
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 19
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Adrienne Bankert has a gift for connection. A national correspondent with ABC News, Adrienne has garnered two Emmys for her role on the Good Morning America weekend anchor team. She leaves people feeling better—while bringing compassion and equity to her storytelling. In this course, she shares the lessons she’s learned on activating transformative connections with others. Explore your relationships to optimize your true connections and truly connect with people without placating, pretending, or compromising what you believe. Learn how to develop connections at work, how to initiate great connections with business partners and friends, and how to ignite real change in your community and marketplace. Adrienne’s advice and lessons guide you to be a champion of true connections.

This course was created by genconnectU. We are pleased to offer this training in our library.

Topics include:

  • Building trust and connections
  • Making time
  • Networking vs. connecting
  • Staying engaging
  • Knowing yourself to stay authentic
  • Building an authentic workplace
  • Staying in touch
  • Connecting with a mentor

Activate Connections That Will Transform Your Career : Video Lessons

  • Introduction to Adrienne Bankert1m 36s
  • Building trust without an agenda2m 46s
  • Building connections18s
  • Five for sure2m 46s
  • Precious time with high-level people2m 19s
  • Communication versus conversation—how to reach out1m 35s
  • Motivation2m 9s
  • Expectations of networking1m 20s
  • Connecting as a champion1m 50s
  • Ways to stay engaged at every moment3m 2s
  • Know yourself—operating at 100% of who you are1m 48s
  • How giving unlocks the real you2m 3s
  • Find clarity for your mind and vision2m 33s
  • Kindness brings connection2m 45s
  • Connecting at work: Creating a genuine culture4m 2s
  • A holistic outlook on employees1m 9s
  • Being authentic eradicates fear and delivers hope2m 14s
  • A mega tip for being a champion connector2m 30s
  • How to connect with a mentor4m 2s

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