Accounting Foundations: Cost-Based Pricing Strategies

Accounting Foundations: Cost-Based Pricing Strategies

Accounting Foundations: Cost-Based Pricing Strategies is an Intermediate level course on Business, created by the creator, Jim Stice. This course is a critical pillar for an individual who needs to sharpen his/her Business skills. It gives you a thorough grip on Business, Accounting, Business Skills, Marketing, Business, Accounting, Business Skills and Marketing.

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Author Jim Stice
Publish Date 4/3/2020
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 27m
Topic Accounting
Video Tutorials 27
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Accurate pricing protects your profits and keeps your products competitive. In this course, instructors Jim and Kay Stice explore cost-based pricing strategies that account for the costs associated with creating products, from materials to man hours, as well as overhead and R&D. Discover how the cost-plus model used in government contracts can provide a baseline for your business, and explore alternatives such as loss leaders and bundling. Then learn how to account for the production constraints for special orders and use forecasting to determine stable long-term prices. Finally, learn how transfer pricing can affect internal performance metrics and international income tax planning, and how activity-based costing allows companies to charge more for products or customers with greater demands.

Topics include:

  • Cost-based pricing for custom products
  • Cost-plus pricing
  • What counts as a cost?
  • Fixed costs vs. variable costs
  • Short-term and long-term pricing
  • Transfer pricing
  • Accounting for overhead costs

Accounting Foundations: Cost-Based Pricing Strategies : Video Lessons

  • Protecting profits with accurate pricing50s
  • The Stice custom-made oak table3m 24s
  • Use of costs in pricing customized products3m 55s
  • Cost-plus contracts: Examples of government contracts4m 3s
  • Cost-plus pricing case: Dugway Printing3m 30s
  • Description of Export Clothing Company3m 11s
  • What is the "cost" to make one shirt?4m 21s
  • Is $3.20 per shirt a good selling price?3m 55s
  • Do stores really sell things at a loss?3m
  • The clever bundling of the Big Mac meal3m 50s
  • Russian restaurant analysis: Breakeven vs. market demand4m 3s
  • Pricing in a fixed-cost setting4m 8s
  • Pricing a special order at the print shop3m 36s
  • Evaluating price when there is a production constraint4m 49s
  • Long-term, normal pricing: The case of the projectors4m 44s
  • What is transfer pricing and why is it important?2m 48s
  • Case study: Introduction to the transfer pricing controversy3m 57s
  • Case study: What would the owners prefer?3m 28s
  • What do the decision-makers prefer?4m 48s
  • Can transfer pricing solve this conflict?3m 51s
  • Which airline passengers create overhead costs?2m 51s
  • Right-handed airplanes and left-handed airplanes2m 49s
  • The potential consequences of poor overhead assignment4m 49s
  • Pricing, strategy, and KPIs2m 58s

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